What Is the Best Weapon You Can Carry, Which is Super Effective, Non-Lethal and Totally Legal In Every State?

Pepper Self Defense

Give Me About an Hour of Your Time, And I’ll Show You How to Defend Yourself Instantly Against Any Attacker With This “Super Weapon and Avoid the 7 Mistakes Almost everyone makes!”

What is the “perfect weapon”… Some may say tasers or stun guns for ultimate self defence… but the true answer is Pepper Spray.  Yes, Pepper Spray.  You’ve probably not given much thought to that little canister of “hot sauce” some people have dangling on their key chain or hunters use to take down 800 lbs bears (called bear spray).  But in the event that you’re suddenly confronted by an attacker (or a whole gang of them), pepper spray is the one thing you don’t want to be without.

With that being said, do you really know how to use pepper spray effectively for self defense?  It’s not just a matter of “point and shoot”.  You can’t spray it out there and hope it reaches its target.  Knowing how to use pepper spray the right way (and when to toss the one you’ve had lounging around in your pocket or purse for years) is a critical step in your own personal self-defense.

Here is the TRUTH: You MUST Know HOW to use it, WHEN to use it, WHERE to spray it… and much, much more!

Why Most People Will Never Keep Reading Past This Point…

We have a false sense of security when it comes to pepper spray.  But just having the spray on your person doesn’t guarantee your safety.  And if it comes down to your own protection and you have to use it – what if it doesn’t spray at all or only sprays in a few bursts and then runs dry?

How can you really know that the pepper spray you’ve been carrying all this time is going to do its job in keeping you safe?  You won’t know … unless you get Pepper-D-Fense.

Pepper-D-Fense is a complete pepper spray instructional DVD that not only walks you through how to defend yourself with pepper spray, but also reveals the right types of pepper spray for your self defence needs and shows you how pepper spray actually works to bring down an attacker.

In just the first few minutes of this 73 minute DVD, you’ll learn not only how to get the maximum effect out of your pepper spray, but also:

  • How to determine exactly how many “sprays” your pepper spray has in it (you may be surprised at the answer!)
  • Which of the three major kinds of pepper spray types are right for you? (Hint: They aren’t all sprays! This could very well prevent your spray from backfiring and hitting YOU instead!)
  • How hot is your pepper spray? By learning what certain numbers and abbreviations mean, you’ll discover just how much heat is in that pepper (and what range you SHOULD have for best results!)
  • What to do once you’ve sprayed – Most courses teach you to spray - then what? To avoid a “backsplash”, learn precisely how to move and what to do whether you’re indoors or out.
  • What to do if the attacker grabs your pepper spray – It happens, so make sure you know exactly how to protect yourself and make sure your attacker lets go immediately.
  • My favorite brand of pepper spray – and why I recommend it above all others. Believe me, I’ve put dozen of hours into finding the best, and I’ll even name it for you, through this program.

The Pepper-D-Fense instructional DVD works for anyone – male or female, young or old.

It’s perfect for kids going off to college or business trips to faraway places.  Once you learn exactly how to equip and protect yourself using pepper spray, I think you’ll agree – Pepper-D-Fense is:

“The Best Possible Self Defense Course You Can Learn in about an hour!”

This DVD program gives you the power to learn just that!  Most traditional self-defence courses can add up to hundreds of dollars and require months of tedious (and painful) training.

You don’t have that kind of time!

Fortunately, Pepper-D-Fense won’t cost you hundreds of dollars – yet you’ll get it, plus the following life-saving bonuses for just a fraction of that price!


This is a quick summary booklet that you’ll be able to download immediately after you purchase this program.  It outlines the simple basis of this program, in addition to many tips which will give you an edge in a real altercation.

EMAIL SUPPORT – $199 Value

Get 6 Months of Email Support right from the “horse’s mouth”.  That’s right, you’ll get Matt Numrich’s Personal Email so you can ask any question you need to about this program, training, or how to handle a sticky situation!


If you, some friends, or your family want to schedule a self-defense “boot camp” with Matt personally, he’ll thrown in a $200 discount for this high intensity, customize 1 or 2 day camp.  You can also cash this in for him to come out to you, and/or train your work place, organization, community or church.


What a gift to be able to teach this to others who really need it… All while putting a little extra money in your pocket (or teach this program for free to non for profit organizations!).  Matt will personally show you how to teach this program effectively, and run a mini-side business successfully!  Take $200 off the price!


Go ahead and search high and low for a self-defense program that gives you all this information and detailed techniques and tips for under $50.  You won’t find a single one.

This is information you can’t afford to be without!  Don’t wait until you’re in danger to wish you had learned how to properly use that pepper spray!

Order today, and we’ll send you the “extended” version which contains live sprayings, so you can see the real results at 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute increments!  This footage has never been seen before, and is close to getting banned!  We only have limited copies with this extra footage, so order today!

Order right now and receive everything FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  The Full length DVD, Quick Start E-Guide Support and Training Coupons for only $37.  I think that you'll agree that this is a small price to pay to get that edge, and even educate those who really need it!

Full Length Online DVD

Quick Start E-Guide

Email Support and Training

After placing your order, you will be emailed directions on how to access and/or download the DVD (separated into easy to follow chapters) and Quick Start Guide.  After ordering, check your email inbox (or spam folder) for  simple directions.